Sara’s story : timeless moment before a night out!

Time to go out!

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This is the well deserved end of a week at the office. Sara was wearing her Busy Woman cognac-colored shoes, a perfect set with her bag and jacket, topped with Applixx Grace Silver accessories, a final touch that would enhance the silver jewelry she wears.

This evening Sara is going out! No more businesslike look, she needs lightness: a beautiful white summer dress, her shoes Duchess Boulevard. But well, hold on a second, which ones to choose : Busy Woman Nude or those black? And which Applixx accessories? An Applixx Marylin black, the sign of a rebellious glamor or an Audrey pearl, a classic of elegance? Timeless moment…

The choice is made: the fatal red Applixx Marylin red will echo that of her lips. And by the way, who said she has to wear a pair of identical Applixx? She goes for a little bit of fun with a Marylin red and the other one pink!

Sara is ready for her night out without forgetting on her way to take her bracelet Duchess Boulevard and to grab some more Applixx, just in case she wishes to change 😉